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Believe 208: Run for the Brave and Finest – Run Registration

Sunday, September 24, 2017. 8:30-11:00 AM

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Believe 208 was founded by Trish Buchanan, the widow of a police officer who succumbed to his depression and died by suicide in 2013. Trish’s inspiration to tell the world about Paul’s tragedy came from a final letter left by Paul to his family. In the letter Paul cries out desperately “…make my death an issue so that you can help other people that are like me.”

Believe 208 and CABLE have formed an alliance to enhance awareness and support of law enforcement officer mental health through:

  1. Annual race: “Believe 208: Run for the Brave and Finest” to promote community awareness and to counteract the stigma of seeking help to address crises affecting one’s emotional health.
  2. Enhancement of website and social media options to link users to local and national resources.
  3. Education of mental health providers including Employee Assistance Providers about police culture and police exposure to unique stressors.
  4. A yearly conference/workshop for law enforcement and mental health providers to promote, sustain and enhance resilience.
  5. Expansion of Peer Support Training and development of regional peer support networks.
  6. Development and dissemination of informational resources for families.

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