New Face of Law Enforcement


  • Slow down a chaotic event
  • Manage emotions to
    change behavior
  • Safely resolve complex and
    potentially violent

Comments From Participants

“Incredible training. Thank you!’
“This training is extremely useful and necessary for us all especially in these times.”
“…would have kept me out of IA had I had this training sooner!”
“Mock scenarios and role plays were perfect!”

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Lt. Ray Hassett (ret.)

De-escalation Strategies for Police and Front Line Personnel

Designed “by cops for cops!”

The reputation of a Police Agency begins with a single Police contact. Whether it is a traffic stop, a call for help, a traffic accident, or a custodial arrest, the quality of the encounter sets the stage for how the public views all Police Officers.

Police Personnel in specialized units receive extensive training in communication techniques that will assist them in helping people who may have just experienced the worst moment of their lives.

First on scene, Patrol Officers, and front line personnel, have the dangerous and often difficult task of bringing order to chaos. Almost every call involves complex emotions such as anger, fear frustration, and sadness, any of which can turn volatile at any time. Yet, Police Officers on the frontline receive little or no formal training in managing these powerful emotions!

NEW FACE of LAW ENFORCEMENT is a course designed to teach Police Officers, through the art of reflective listening, how to deescalate a situation in order to achieve a safer resolution. It is a course designed by Cops who have already used these skills in the street and who know they can save lives. NEW FACE is taught by Lieutenant Ray Hassett (ret.) New Haven Department of Police Service, New Haven CT.

NEW FACE is a four hour interactive course which also employs scenario based exercises. We use scenario based exercises for some of the following reasons:

  1. You behave under stress like you train
  2. Practice builds confidence
  3. They can actually be fun to do
  4. You learn from your mistakes when no lives are at risk

BIO of Instructor Ray Hassett

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