BIO of Ray Hassett

Ray Hassett. BA, AA
New Haven Department of Police Service, New Haven, CT
Ray Hassett completed his police career in 2012 after 25 years of service. His assignments included: Patrol Officer, Detective, Lieutenant and District Commander of one of the busiest Policing Districts in New Haven.

Ray Hassett retired in 2012 after twenty five years of service with the New Haven Department of Police Service in New Haven, Connecticut. During his career, his assignments have included: Patrol Officer, Detective, Police Sergeant, Lieutenant, and District Commander of one of the busiest Police Districts in New Haven. (Google: New Haven Independent “Ray Hassett”)

Hassett began his Police Career in 1987 as a Patrol Officer answering calls for service. In 1993, he was promoted to the rank of Detective after completing a two year investigation into Organized Crime in New Haven. During this time, Hassett publicly left law enforcement but continued to work covertly under a different identity until the investigation could be completed.

Upon returning to New Haven, Hassett worked as a Detective in the Narcotics Division, the Major Crimes Unit, and the Arson Squad. While a Detective, he became part of a unique collaboration between a group of Child Psychologists, and first responding Police Officers. The premise of this relationship was that Police Officers are often the first and only professionals to come in contact with children exposed to violence, and a timely referral at this critical point can often minimize the traumatic aftermath of any violent event. The Yale Child Studies Program began by working with children of homicide victims and has since expanded to help children exposed to domestic violence, as well as any other incidents of violence and trauma. Ray is a Fellow with the Yale Child Studies Center, and throughout his career, has worked as a trainer, replicating this program to other Police Agencies throughout the region.

Ray is an FBI trained Hostage Negotiator, and was the Officer in Charge of NHPD’s Hostage Negotiation Unit since 2003. He was also responsible for bringing in professional actors to simulate real life incidents so that Negotiators could be better prepared for Unit Callouts. Ray is Crisis Intervention trained, and was team leader for CIT Officers in New Haven since 2006. He was also named CIT Officer of the Year in 2009 by the Connecticut Alliance to Benefit Law Enforcement (CABLE) and continues to assist CABLE today, as Lead Instructor, training Police Officers in DeEscalation/Connection Techniques that will strengthen their relationship with the public, as well as with persons within the mental health community.

Hassett’s newest courses for 2019 address the current angst in the public, and the divide in support for Law Enforcement.
“The New Face of Law Enforcement” is a Connection/DeEscalation course for front line personnel. It is designed for all law enforcement and speaks to anyone on the front line, from dispatchers, and patrol officers, to investigating detective personnel. One of its primary objectives is to teach participants the art of slowing down the emotion of a chaotic event to enhance rapport, and increase Officer, and Citizen safety.

“The New Face of Connection/DeEscalation” is a unique course especially designed for the public who find themselves caught between angry individuals, and the confusion of whether calling Police will actually make the situation worse. It focuses on enhancing emotional intelligence, and reflective listening skills.

Prior to entering Law Enforcement, Ray was a professional Actor working in London, England, New York, and LA. Some of his film credits include: Superman, the Movie; Ragtime; The Spy Who Loved Me; The Empire Strikes Back; and Body Double. (Google: IMDb Ray Hassett for full screen credits)

Since his retirement, Ray has worked as a Contractor for the U.S. State Department, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, teaching the Art of Hostage Negotiation, as well as Behavioral Observation Skills (BOS); to foreign Police Agencies around the world. To date, he has worked in the Middle East; The Philippines; New Delhi, India; Bogata Colombia; Morocco; Kingston, Jamaica; Trinidad; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Chiang Mai, Thailand; and most recently, Dakar, Senegal, and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Hassett is currently in negotiations with the Hamden CT Board of Education to bring his de-escalation training program to the school district. Click here to read the article in the New Haven Independent.

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